Front facing camera support confirmed in Windows Phone Mango. Lync Mobile coming in Q4

We already knew that Mango had support for front facing cameras. Well, a Microsoft employe just confirmed that during his TechED session in New Zealand. As you will see in the video below there’s no mention of any Skype front facing camera support at all (it will obviously came at one point in time though) so once again one has to wonder why other blogs are running stories about “Front Facing camera support confirmed for Skype on Windows Phone7″ or that Skype will be integrated in Mango. Anyway, Skype will come to Windows Phone 7 this fall in the form of a third-party application but will surely be integrated in the OS later on (in Apollo I guess). Video after the break:

So as you can see there’s nothing new we already didn’t know. The only device known to have to have a FF camera is the Samsung SGH-i937. In other news, The Lync application will be ready in Q4 2011 and should be available on Windows Phone 7, Android, iOS and Symbian.

source: Youtube via engadget

  • Jani Nevalainen

    Actually, this has been confirmed already long time ago, as there has been an option to select front-facing camera in the Mango SDK (Check out PhotoCamera class constructor in MSDN).