Windows Phone Tango confirmed to be minor update aimed at the Asian and Indian markets

According to Microsoft representatives how spoke during the MSDN Seminar – The Next Generation in Development in Hon Kong the rumored Windows Phone 7 Tango update ,which is slated to be released after Mango, will only be a minor update principally aimed at improving the OS’s services (like Bing) in emerging markets like China and India. Here’s a rough translation:

1. Tango is not a major update.
2. Tango Mango will be included as one of the updates.
3. Apollo will be the next major update.
4. Tango primarily for and developing countries such as China, India and other markets use, these are ignored in the market to have more exposure to Bing services.
5. manufacturers of these developing countries will launch a cheap version of Tango preloaded Windows Phone.

As you can see there’s nothing to really get excited about and it is yet unknown if this will included the new universal search feature we saw in the 7.10.8200 builds or even if Tango will be pushed to occidental handsets.

source: welovewp thanks for all the tips