Latest Hydro Thunder Go update greatly improves performance

As I tweeted on Saturday night the latest version of Hydro Thunder Go for Windows Phone 7 greatly improves the games performance which was previously suffering from sever framerate dips during busy races. The game is still being render at sub-WVGA resolution (400×240 instead of 800×480) but this is unfortunately caused by the Adreno 200 GPU which isn’t capable of handling what’s being rendered on the screen at the device’s native resolution (the water’s real-time environmental reflections is most probably the killer here). Thankfully the next batch of Windows Phone handsets which are set be released in the coming months will all include the more powerful Adreno 205 GPU but even then it will be up to developers to decide if it’s going to be worth targeting this GPU instead of the old one given the current install base.

My initial hands on video:

I asked the developers of Tentacles about this issue and some of the other challenges encountered when developing XNA games for the current Windows Phone 7 platform in my recent interview.