Fujitsu IS12T benchmark shows the Adreno 205 GPU crushing the Adreno 200

A recent Fujitsu IS12T benchmark run with the recently released WP Bench 2.0 application confirms what I’ve just talked about in my previous post about Hydro Thunder Go and the current Adreno 200 GPU embedded in the first generation of Windows Phone 7 devices. As you can see above the GPU score on the MSM8655 powered Fujitsu handset is 40FPS compared to only 19FPS on all other WP7 devices to date thanks to the new Adreno 205 GPU. You will also note that CPU performance is logically nearly identical to the QSD8250 because both SoC have essentially the same CPU.

My Samsung Omnia 7 score:

Like I previously said; it will be up to developers to decide if they want to develop specifically for this new GPU with the risk of losing sales to current WP7 owners of if targeting the lowest common denominator is still the best solution even though the current number of WP7 devices on the market isn’t that huge anyway so it shouldn’t take long until the second generation of phones takes the leading terms of user install base early next year as long as there’s a good marketing campaign from Microsoft and its OEMs.

via nanapho

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    ok now i’m in third place :p

  • MobileTechWorld

    4th place actually ;-) . There’s a mysterious “NA NA” devices now in 2nd place with an Adreno 205…

  • Ian Cavalcanti

    I asked this issue to Derek Snyder in Twitter, and he said to me that Xbox Live titles will be compatible with both generations (at least, a understood that, I may be wrong):!/dereksnyder/status/104370816577314817 But you never now… Is hes answer, not the company.

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    hehe 5th htc mazaa become first