Silverlight Toolkit for Windows Phone 7 Mango released

Windows Phone developers should be happy to learn that the new Silverlight Toolkit for Mango has just been released by Microsoft. It contains tons of improvements over the previous version and is still open source. The toolkit has also been localized to support all the new languages supported by Mango along with new Mango specific controls like the HubTile and a totally rebuild LongList Selector that takes advantage of the OS’s smooth scrolling and off-thread image loading capability.

You can download the Silverlight for Windows Phone toolkit directly from here.

source: Microsoft

  • argenys

    Does this mean that we should expect your app sooner than later? I remember you mentioning that you were going to take your time in releasing it, because if you were going to do it you wanted it done right. Well, with all the new improvements in Mango and all the controls that have been released since the original release of the platform, I was wondering if it was coming soon.

  • MobileTechWorld

    I’ve been thinking about finishing it for this fall but my current personal/private situation is in such a terrible state that I don’t think that I will have the time to do it. You may have noticed that I’ve been posting a lot less than before in the past few weeks.