Windows Phone 7 Mango RTM leaked and available now

If you feel a bit adventurous then the you may have some fun this weekend with the 7720 RTM build of Windows Phone 7 Mango which has apparently already leaked and can installed on any developer unlocked handset. Just beware that this IS NOT SUPPORTED IN ANY WAY by Microsoft (or me) so blame yourself if something goes wrong. One other thing to not is that some things still seem to be missing like the Hidden-WiFi network options so one has to wonder if this is indeed the real RTM or if some features will only be enabled by a OEMs firmware updated later on. Grab the Rom here and Just head over to the source link for the instructions.

I’ll attempt to update my Omnia 7 in a few minutes and report back.

UPDATE: I’ve just updated my Omnia 7 and everything seems to be working fine. There’s barely any change between this 7720.68 build and the previous 7712 Beta. IE9 seems to be atiny-bit smoother but this is probably a placebo effect. Unfortunately the silly tap-to-activate voice navigation feature is still here and the Hidden-WiFi network setting are nowhere to be seen. Also note that if you are a Samsung Omnia 7, Samsung Focus or LG Optimus 7 owner who had trouble updating to the first update back in February then you will get hit by the same issue here (the phone will get stuck at the “reboot” part of the process. You will have 2 solutions: Either free up some memory on your handset or simply reset it (this is what I had to do cause everything else didn’t work.)

source: XDA thanks ccmd_232 for the heads up!

  • Anonymous

    Either Microsoft has me scared or I just love the OS, either way I am going to wait because I think its worth it.

  • BucksterMcgee

    The official update(s) will come with new firmware from OEMs, and there is always the chance that you will not be on the correct update path if you don’t follow the official way. I’d suggest waiting, as it can’t be that much longer until they release it.

  • KatsuraBot

    This is the RTM without any drivers from the OEMs. Hidden WiFi requires drivers and is not listed in the settings therefore. Same goes for performance. Still sad about the navigation thingy :-/
    I really hope, MSFT can make it a smooth upgrade.

  • Constantin Moraru

    Hello Mr. Daou,
      I was able to update my phone (Omnia 7)  till 7712 version  but I’m unsatisfied by performance and also it’s seems there are a lot of bugs, apps are crashing too, IE is loading pages very slow.

    I want to revert phone to my NoDo state but I can’t …  If I’m in Zune 4.8 it tells me that there are no updates for phone and 7712 is the latest.    If I install Zune 4.7  it doesn’t see my phone.

    Can you help/give me an advice how to restore my phone to official NoDo state from backup ?   I’ve saved the backup like in install instruction.

    Thanks in advance.

  • MobileTechWorld

    Well the fastest way to revert back to NoDo (if you don’t care about your previous backup) is to flash the whole Rom/Firmware:
    If you want to revert to your previous backup (the one done prior to your update to Mango Beta) you’ll have to boot your Omnia7 in Download mode then plug it in your PC and Zune will show up with the restoration menu (your backup must be located in the correct folder or you will get a C101002E error).

  • Anonymous

    Yes I would like to try out the latest build.  Still I don’t have the faith in my tech skills to implement the changes, without the fail safe warranty from my carrier.  Love the updates, all info is welcomed!

  • Truricanpapi

    I updated my LG Quantumm and my wife’s Focus with no issues at all.

  • Trevor Scarlett

    I upgraded my HD7 and it works like a charm.  Love the new integration of Linkedin and Twitter.  The whole thing is rather slick now.

  • Rheanon Morris

    Have been using my new HTC HD7 for a week and am looking forward to seeing if the Mango upgrade will be worth the purchase of a Windows Phone rather than an iPhone…  3 things that I miss most are the ability to personalise your ringtone (a voice recording or a song, rather than the boring pre-installed ones), the ability to send contact cards or business cards via text, and the phone’s ability to revert back to ‘headphone volume’ once the headphones are connected (and then back to ‘ring volume’ when no headphones are connected.  Does anyone have any knowledge of these??

  • Fabrício Magalhães

    How can I restore to NoDo without having a previous backup file? I
    bought my phone from second hand and it came with 7.10.7712.