Windows Phone 7.5 Mango launching next month in Japan?

According to Ina at All things D the Fujitsu IS12T, which is the first Mango handset announced, will be available to Japanese customer on KDDI early next month. No source is sited at all so let’s be cautious and hope that it is indeed true because Fujitsu’s official word during the device’s unveiling on July 27th was that the IS12T would launch in Setp/Oct.

The second bit of “info” is that Windows Phone 7 Mango will launch based on the OEMs and carriers’ own timeline:

Unlike the initial release of Windows Phone 7-based devices — in which Microsoft tightly controlled the launch timing — Redmond appears to be taking a far more laissez-faire approach this time around. [...]Microsoft finalized the software late last month and appears content to let various device makers and operators launch their products whenever they are ready.

“Interestingly” this sounds really similar to what I first posted on May 25th in my Mango Preview:

The first question on everybody’s mind is most probably: When is Mango going to be released? Well the official answer is this Autumn but from what I’ve been told there won’t be a official launch day similar to what was done last year with Windows Phone 7. Instead, OEMs will start launching their devices when they are ready. This essentially means that once Mango is RTM and certified by carriers, manufacturers will integrate the gold code into their upcoming phones and start shipping them once they are ready. There will be a steady release of Mango handsets throughout the fall season and holidays.

via WSJ

  • Anonymous

    Any chance this will get a US release?  They look very cool.

  • MobileTechWorld

    As far as I was told it’s only Japan bound. But things could change depend on market reception and other stuff.