In-depth look at Multi-Tasking on Windows Phone Mango

Channel 9 just posted an in-depth look at the new Multi-Tasking and fast application switching on Windows Phone 7 Mango. The video is 22 minutes long and shows Microsoft’s Peter Torr talking about theses new features and demonstrating them live on the HTC Mazaa developer handsets (Video after the break):

annotation courtesy of George_Curelet_Balan:
- 2:30 why multi-tasking support took so long? It impacts battery life & user experience.
- 4:13 why multitasking is hard on phone?
- 5:44 higher bar requirement for user experience on the phone
- 6:00 fast switching requires rebuilding app for Mango
- 7:20 difference between WP7 & Mango
- 9:00 how app runs in the background? no GUI, 6Mb memory, cannot run 100% CPU for more than 25s
- 9:54 resources taken by the twitter demoed app
- 10:33 XNA doesn’t support background agents,has a diff mechanism to play media (doesn’t support random sound effects)
- 12:11 granularity of control the developer & user have on background tasks
- 12:30 background transfers, alarms and reminders are handled by sys
- 12:50 audio agents run all the time
- 13:15 flavours of generic background agents
1. periodic agents
2. resource intensive agents (run in night stand mode)
run in round robin fashion every 10 min (e.g. for data syncing)
- 14:55 demo of background agent management; app cannot turn on its agent on if user doesn’t want it
- 17:40 location aware feature
- 18:00 battery draining issue

source: Channel9