Get a taste of how Windows 8 Tablet applications will look like

Fandango has developed a really awesome Sliverlight out-of-browser application for Windows 7 slates/Tablets that gives us an early look at what the future Windows 8 tablet applications will look and feel. One the application is installed you will be able to pin it to your taskbar as if it was a regular app and quickly access it when look for movie tickets, trailers and, info -only in the US so if you are not in NA just enter any US location during the setup process to try it out).The Fandango touch app has a Metro like UI so any Windows Phone 7 user should feel at home when using it (it’s has essentially the same design as the WP7 Fandango application). It also feature a really slick integration of the Bing Maps control and built in media player (yes it works with the mouse to if you don’t have a touche-enabled Win7 PC).Check out some screenshots after the break

You can download directly from here and download the Windows Phone 7 version here.

  • Leo

    Flickr also has a Windows 7 app suited for tablets which is visually stunning.

  • MobileTechWorld

    Yup was released a few months ago:

    The neat feature is that it syncs your current navigation state with the WP7 version of the Flickr app.

  • Tony Flores

    Microsoft has put Windows 8 development into high gear. They need to, to counter apples o.s. When Windows 8 is complete, apple will be in big trouble :-X.

  • Ef Jay

    I found that once the Fandango applicaiton is installed the Flickr application always tries to install an older version of Native extensions for silverlight, 1.0. Fandango uses 2.1 and the versions wont coexist so you will always get the error when opening Flickr.

  • timi

    I’ve been saying it and I will say it again. Windows 8 is what will bring WP7 back on the market due to the synergy of windows and it being the most used OS in the world. Let’s hope the marketing department for windows do a great job to put the tablet out there. I would start first with business applications since we already have an abundance of mobile entertainment applications.