Video of the Toshiba TG01 running Windows Phone 7

I you are a fan of relatively worthless things then you might be interested in this Toshiba TG01 running Windows Phone 7 (which is on sale by the owner). There are two things to note: The camera doesn’t work and the resistive screen obviously doesn’t suport multi-touch. Check out a video of the device in action after the break:

Hit the source link for more info.

source: Photobucket, XDA

  • Anonymous

    Am I the only one thinking that only ROM cooker should have it?

    Aside from being a cool collector item, it’s useless to everyone else.

  • MobileTechWorld

    Yup totally agree. I have personally never been a big fan of cooked roms anyway (either on WinMo or Android I always HSPL’d my phones to get rid of the carrier rom and load the stock OEM ones only)). That’s why you don’t see me post much about this kind of stuff here. Stock roms is the way to go for me and with WP7 I don’t see much reason to mess around with it (unless the person doesn’t have better things to do in his life).

  • Rick Dodkins

    I don’t say this much but…


  • Anonymous

    Not a big fan of custom roms I have to say. The thing that conserns me with all the hacking is that it opens ways for Warez. Example: People running WP7 on their HD2 are unlikely to be paying for apps :-/