Windows Phone 7 Mango will launch when Carriers and OEMs are ready

Slow news day it seems, so here’s a quick confirmation of what I have been told during the Mango VIP event back in May: Mango will launch when OMEs and carrier are ready. There won’t be a big worldwide or EU launch day unlike last year’s launch which was a total mess because OEMs weren’t ready and didn’t manufacture enough handsets on time:

For those of you wondering when Mango will officially launch, there is no one answer as we will be launching Mango via the carriers and each carrier will have its own timeline (and before you ask, I don’t have any info as to when that will be for Rogers, Telus and Bell ). The general target we are all looking at globally, however, is later in the 2011 calendar year.

For example Fujitsu couldn’t give a firm launch date for the IS12T handset and only sated September/October. The launch of the new Mango devices will also be depended on the carriers’ timeline and calendar but I’m guessing that HTC Samsung, LG, and Nokia should strat to unveil their handsets in the coming weeks to start to createsome buzz (and not get eaten alive by the iPhone 5 buzz..)

source: MSDN Canada

  • MVIM

    Well, that’s a disappointment. It seems Microsoft still hasn’t learned their lesson about staging the launch of their updates. Now instead of everyone getting an update in a timely manner (within 2-6 weeks of each other), there will be Mango phones floating around probably as soon as late August/early September, while those of us with original devices (or AT&T) will be lucky to have the update by Christmas.

  • Ccmd_232

    What about carrier-free (Manufacturer Unlocked) WP7 phones? What will be the distribution model of the Mango update? Or it will depend on the Firmware?

  • Pete Bennett

    I sense pain, the kind of pain that came with NoDo.  I also sense that Mango handsets will be on the shelves well before current WP7 owners will get their Mango updates.  I’m sure there will be a good reason for this, but I doubt Microsoft or the carriers will mind if people get rid of their existing WP7 handsets to buy Mango phones in sheer desperation.

  • Anon

    Or to go back to the iPhone