New Samsung Omnia 7 Firmware coming soon ?

Apparently a handful of French Samsung Omnia 7 users have been complaining about numerous issues with their handset back in Mai/June of this year and decided to contact Samsung France about it. The company’s “community manager” finally answered today by claiming that “an upcoming Firmware update is on the way in the coming weeks which should fix most of the issues and allow/prepare the device to update to Mango.”

I have to admit that I remain skeptical principally because of the following things:

1) The complains where made before the recently pushed Firmware update

2) Most of the complains are about things that are either related to the OS (No ditherer get) and have been already “fixed” by Mango or simple Radio related issues that are carrier/location depended (poor signal, cuts during voice conversations etc..)

I personally haven’t encounter any major problem with the Omnia 7 and I’m also in located in France (but running the most up to date KC1 firmware which has been available for a while now) and Mango is perfectly functional with the current Firmwares so this is a bit strange.

source: Monsmartphone thanks for the heads up Gilles

  • Guest

    They can start by fixing the very choppy 720p video :)

  • Ccmd_232

    Lately I have installed the Beta 2 Mango (not through developer account though) and everything worked fine except for some minor issues like longer boot times, and after the boot completes, the Home screen takes a while to show up, you are just presented with a black screen till the tiles become alive. Also the email is not working properly, it does not sync as soon as items arrive plus its only showing emails from last week, though the settings are put to show last month.
    So I reverted it back to NoDo, as I don’t want ruin the image I have in mind for the WP OS.

  • Techtacy

    two problem here.. volume both of ring and on call and proximity sensor is too sensitivy and open then screen on call
    i’m on kc1