Google defends itself against Microsoft: Still sounds childish

I’m starting to think that the folks in Mountain view really think that they live in a parallel universe. Google’s Senior Vice President and Chief Legal Officer, David Drummond has decided to post another letter attacking Microsoft following last night’s debacle. He either didn’t expect Microsoft to enter the ring or simply thought that it was ok to publicly talk trash about Apple, Oracle and Microsoft. The end result is unfortunately still the same:Google sounds like a whiny little brat and should seriously re-think it’s PR strategy.

Today’s letter claims that the Mountain View search giant didn’t fall for Microsoft evil trap when it was offered to jointly bid for Novell’s patent last year and that the DOJ’s decision to require the winning party to provided a license to the open source community is proof that the three companies are in it to kill the poor Android robot. Once again it didn’t take long for Microsoft PR team to reply here, here, here and here. Yesterday the patents in question were “bbogus” but today they are not ?

This is seriously getting ridiculous especially coming from a big company like Google. Let the products speak for themselves and the guys in the three piece suits handle the messy behind the scene business.

Update: I’m seeing lots of comments on other sites similar to “Google has never sued anyone unlike Microsoft and Apple etc…”.. Well, here’s one of the reasons:

- Google was founded in 1996 and holds only 740 US Patents
- Microsoft was founded in 1975 and holds 18223 US Patents
- Apple was founded in in 1976 and holds 4061 US Patents
- IBM was founded in 1911 and holds 64692 US Patents
- Samsung was founded in 1938 and owns 43861 US Patents

source: Google