Windows Phone 7 Mango will launch when Carriers and OEMs are ready

Slow news day it seems, so here’s a quick confirmation of what I have been told during the Mango VIP event back in May: Mango will launch when OMEs and carrier are ready. There won’t be a big worldwide or EU launch day unlike last year’s launch which was a total mess because OEMs weren’t ready and didn’t manufacture enough handsets on time:

For those of you wondering when Mango will officially launch, there is no one answer as we will be launching Mango via the carriers and each carrier will have its own timeline (and before you ask, I don’t have any info as to when that will be for Rogers, Telus and Bell ). The general target we are all looking at globally, however, is later in the 2011 calendar year.

For example Fujitsu couldn’t give a firm launch date for the IS12T handset and only sated September/October. The launch of the new Mango devices will also be depended on the carriers’ timeline and calendar but I’m guessing that HTC Samsung, LG, and Nokia should strat to unveil their handsets in the coming weeks to start to createsome buzz (and not get eaten alive by the iPhone 5 buzz..)

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New Samsung Omnia 7 Firmware coming soon ?

Apparently a handful of French Samsung Omnia 7 users have been complaining about numerous issues with their handset back in Mai/June of this year and decided to contact Samsung France about it. The company’s “community manager” finally answered today by claiming that “an upcoming Firmware update is on the way in the coming weeks which should fix most of the issues and allow/prepare the device to update to Mango.”

I have to admit that I remain skeptical principally because of the following things:

1) The complains where made before the recently pushed Firmware update

2) Most of the complains are about things that are either related to the OS (No ditherer get) and have been already “fixed” by Mango or simple Radio related issues that are carrier/location depended (poor signal, cuts during voice conversations etc..)

I personally haven’t encounter any major problem with the Omnia 7 and I’m also in located in France (but running the most up to date KC1 firmware which has been available for a while now) and Mango is perfectly functional with the current Firmwares so this is a bit strange.

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Evernote for Windows Phone 7 updated: URL sharing, encryption, Rich Text Editing and more

The Windows Phone 7 Evernote application has just received a major update today which includes tons of new features and improvements:

- Rich text editing and more
- Sharing URLs to notes
- Rotating and saving images
- Checkboxes
- Decrypting note content
- Speed and Stability improvements

Check out a video demo of the new features after the break:

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Google defends itself against Microsoft: Still sounds childish

I’m starting to think that the folks in Mountain view really think that they live in a parallel universe. Google’s Senior Vice President and Chief Legal Officer, David Drummond has decided to post another letter attacking Microsoft following last night’s debacle. He either didn’t expect Microsoft to enter the ring or simply thought that it was ok to publicly talk trash about Apple, Oracle and Microsoft. The end result is unfortunately still the same:Google sounds like a whiny little brat and should seriously re-think it’s PR strategy.

Today’s letter claims that the Mountain View search giant didn’t fall for Microsoft evil trap when it was offered to jointly bid for Novell’s patent last year and that the DOJ’s decision to require the winning party to provided a license to the open source community is proof that the three companies are in it to kill the poor Android robot. Once again it didn’t take long for Microsoft PR team to reply here, here, here and here. Yesterday the patents in question were “bbogus” but today they are not ?

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