Jibe social messenger for Windows Phone 7 unveiled

The Jibe Social Messenger application for Windows Phone 7 that will be available to our Japanese friends on the Fujitsu IS12T has been unveiled in the PDF document today. This is an all-in-one application that allows users to easily connect to Messenger, Facebook, Skype, Evernote and tons of over social media services. As you can see in the screenshot above the Jibe application follows the Metro UI guidelines by using a panorama control to show the main menu, timeline, friends and hot topics.

Anyway, this application will most probably only be available in Japan and on the the Fujitsu IS12T on KDDI at first ( Jibe and KDDI are close partners). Jibe is also look for Windows Phone developers if you are located in Japan.

source: JibeMobile (pdf) via Nanapho