Windows Phone 7 Mango hidden WiFi connections support to be available in the RTM build

In case you’ve been wondering where was the previously announced support for Hidden Wifi networks in Windows Phone Mango (it’s not available in the Beta Builds B.Watson has confirmed that it really exist and is present in the RTM build of the OS. The Fujitsu IS12T screen pictured above shows you how it looks like and this isn’t even the RTM build (it’s 7716). As I said in this particular post about Bing Navigation, several features of the OS seem to be either out or different in the Beta builds so don’t be surprised if the retail builds does include additional goodies.

source: Twitter , NanaPho thanks to everybody who sent this in.

  • Argenysherrera

    Do you think that there is a good chance that RTM will include features that as of now are unknown to the public?