Windows Phone Mango Beta 2 Refresh available now

As speculated earlier this morning Microsoft has just released the Beta 2 Refresh of Mango for registered developers:

Starting this morning, you can download the Windows Phone SDK 7.1 “Beta 2 Refresh” from the ‘Mango’ Connect site. We’ve received positive feedback on the Mango tools and bits we’ve shared, but appreciate that many devs are still interested in working with a more complete build. Today’s refresh of the tools represent a month of great progress by the engineering team, further refining and improving the Mango developer experience.

So if you are a registered developer just head over to the Connect site and download the 7712 build to installed on your handsets. Just note that this isn’t the RTM build (7720) but a earlier version that should be feature complete. I can’t install it right now but will check it out later tday and report back any findings.

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New Windows Phone Mango build coming soon to developers

Now that Mango is RTM it’s only logical that developers will receive an update to the BETA 2 build that was released a little bit more than a month ago. According to Microsoft’s Cliff Simpkins:

We’re working to get devs an updated build soon. Stay tuned to the dev blog.

When and which build number is still anyone’s guess so stay tuned for n official word from Microsoft in the coming hours or days. And just to be clear about something: Mango went RTM yesterday morning not 10 days ago like the WPDev podcast claimed back then.

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Fujitsu IS12T Mango handset announced: Hardware Specifications, 32GB of Storage and 13.2MP camera

The Fujitsu IS12T Windows Phone handset running Mango has just been officially unveiled by KDDI during tonight event in Japan. The carrier and Manufacturer have already posted several hands on videos of the device demonstrating Mango on it. The only thing we know based on the press release is that the device will pack 32GB of internal Storage and a 13.2Mpix camera. Check them out and the press release after the break:

EDIT: The phone will come in three colors: Black, Lime and Pink (magenta, citrus, black). It has an MSM8655 SoC (no word on the clock speed), waterproof and dustproof design (IPX5/IPX8, IP5X), 13.2MP camera with face and scene detection, 32GB of internal storage, DLNA support and several pre-installed applications. The handset will be available in September at the earliest. Full Fujitsu IS12T hardware specifications after the break:

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Windows Phone 7 Mango is officially RTM

Microsoft is announcing today that Windows Phone Mango is now RTM:

Earlier this morning, the Windows Phone development team officially signed off on the release to manufacturing (RTM) build of “Mango” – the latest version of the Windows Phone operating system. This marks the point in the development process where we hand code to our handset and mobile operator partners to optimize Mango for their specific phone and network configurations. Here on the Windows Phone team, we now turn to preparing for the update process. The Mango update for current Windows Phone handsets will be ready this fall, and of course will come pre-installed on new Windows Phones.

This is the official deal folks and the RTM build is 7720. No more guessing or fake rumors so we can finally expect to see new handset announcement in the coming weeks starting with tomorrow Fujitsu IS12T live event from Japan. Microsoft also seems to be updating the Bing services lately as sen by the lack of business reviews in Bing Maps just like what happened several months ago. As I was told by Microsoft back in May Mango devices should start to pop up this fall once OEM are ready to launch them.

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