New Japanese Windows Phone Mango applications unveiled: Mixi, Navitime, Hot Pepper and Jorudan Norikae-Annai

Microsoft Japan recently posted a Mango video showcasing the Japanese version of the OS and 4 new applications which should be available later this fall:

- Mixi: Japanese Social network with over 21.6 million users
- Navitime (which we have already seen pre-install on the Fujitsu IS12T): All in one navigation, mapping and routing service
- Hot Pepper: lets you find nearby restaurants etc..
- Jorudan Norikae-Annai: Train and transit schedules

Video after the break:

Mango’s big Japanese unveiling is till expected to take place on July 27th so stay tuned.

source: Microsoft via nanapho Thanks for the heads up XL_7