LG Fantasy Mango handset and 6 other Android devices coming this year?

Grab some salt and sit tight cause Pocketnow is claiming to have gotten their hands on LG’s upcoming road map which is filled with Android smartphones and one single Windows Phone 7 handset running Mango ; the LG Fantasy. As its usually the case with these kinds of leaks nothing should be taken as a fact until the company officially unveils its plans. What we know for sure though is that LG has a Mango device currently in the making currently named the LG-E906 and this could very well be the LG Fantasy device rendered above which strangely looks like a cousin of the HTC HD2/7.

There’s also 6 other Android handsets according to the leak: LG Prada K2, LG Univa , LG Victor , LG Gelato NFC, LG E2 and LG K.

source: Pocketnow

  • Anonymous

    Some adivice to LG:
    - Screen should be smaller or equal to 4″. 800×480 does not look good on bigger screens (pixel density).
    - I don’t like capacitive buttons. I really need to press the “back” and “Start” button alot.- Make some in investments for HW/Firmware Quality. I adviced a friend to get a WP7 (optimus7) a few weeks ago and he could not update his phone (stuck on 7008). He was fed up with the phone and bought a iPhone. Good job LG.
    - Reasonable pricing. Last year, when WP7 launched, Windows Phones were more expensive then the iPhone 4. Stupid.
    - I have not seen LG marketing their Windows Phones … did anybody see a commercial?
    - Why let carriers put their branding on the Phone? (Some other fruit company does do it right). On my Phone, I have Logo+”LG”, Logo+”Vodafone”, Logo+”Windows Phone”.  I hate it. 

    My 2 cents.

  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=100001395218690 Pantou Ekang

    Good Job LG….Look very nice..and 4,3 will be okay like hd 7

  • http://equinejointsupplements.blogspot.com Mauricio

    Good design and innovative. I might buy it. Ouch! I think I have enough money to buy it.

  • Diego!

    I hope it has a NOVA display. It would be great if that happens. And a strong point of sell the phone when there’s not much advertising.

  • http://www.facebook.com/people/Jesse-Garcia/100000361221634 Jesse Garcia

    for every 1 wp there are 6 android phones… why? it makes no sense to me.