AT&T Samsung Focus finally getting NoDo via V1.4 update

Believe it or not but the NoDo update still hasn’t been rolled out across all devices yet. Many Samsung Focus owners on AT&T are apparently the unluckiest ones this time around because of bugs and hardware manufacturing inconstancy (all Focus devices don’t have the same memory modules). According to Microsoft the latest V1.4 firmware update containing device specific fixes (I assume that it should fix the multi-touch issue) is now being gradually rolled to AT&T subscribers.

As I mentioned yesterday, we have been working to expedite the scheduling of the AT&T Samsung Focus v.1.4 update. I am happy to report updates are being delivered now for this phone. Please connect your Samsung Focus v.1.4 to your PC to update your phone.

source: Microsoft

  • Anonymous

    Can’t believe it really took this long. Those are Android-like delays. Let’s hope they learned their lesson for the next update.

  • dolce

    the internal memory of my samsung cetus i917 is failed how to repair it?