Nokia Sea Ray shown on video again: This time in its retail form

A new video of the Nokia Sea Ray phone has just appeared on a Chinese forum showing what looks like the final retail version of the hardware running what appears to be a relatively recent build of the Mango OS (with the new scare Windows Logo). As I speculated a few weeks ago the device does indeed have real capacitive hardware buttons and isn’t using the N9 854X480 screen like the earlier prototype we saw (I wonder what our favorite russian fool is going to say now). Anyway hit the break to check out the device in action:

Update: Just uploaded the video to YouTube cause the original is no longer available.

Don’t forget to check out my Nokia Sea Ray Hardware specifications prediction here.
source: Youku via WPXAP via wpcenteral

  • Gambit

    Sexy! I want one now! :)

  • Ef Jay

    What do you think, FFC or not? Looks to be not which makes it immediately less competitive spec wise and that is surprising considering they are using WP7 as their primary OS. I was hoping Nokia would come out firing on all cylinders from day one but I think the lack of a FFC compared to htc and Samsung with it will prove costly for Nokia.

    Oh yes, wonder how many more predictions we will have from our russian friend about WP7 that will be proved wrong? Amazing anyone still listens to the guy.

  • MobileTechWorld

    Front Facing Camera you mean? Looks like it doesn’t have one (based on the camera application we are seeing in the video..there’s no icon to switch from a BFC to FFC). As of right now the only device “confirmed” to have a FFC is the Samsung SGH-i937 we saw live at WPC11 last week…

    About predictions… well that”s unfortunately how the internet works lately. lots of crappy predictions, sites who only post about rumors, no research done etc.. See, when I posted why the Sea Ray prototype didn’t have hardware buttons, most other blogs just ignored my post or and a couple blatantly repeated/copied what I said later without linking back to me, that’s why you will see me post less than before now (I only talk about things I care about, I won’t flood the front page with meaningless stuff that will only serve the purpose of increasing my page-views and visits)

  • T D

    And another case where Eldar was just wrong. Just like when he said that the Galaxy S3 will come this fall. I’m glad that at least someone calls him out on his bullshit.

  • Grumpy_666uk

    I agree with you….I may not post much….but… I certainly find your site & pocketnow to be the most informative, non-repetive & unique compared to the rest….who seem to re-hash each others articles.

    BTW, I’m sure this isn’t the ONLY phone that Nokia will be releasing and neither do I think that this is their main mango devcice…..I think they are really keeping wraps on their premiere handset… they said.

    Keep up the good work bro :)

  • Anonymous

    Front facing camera is still there in the top right corner. Notice the hole on the front of the upper right case that he took off? That’s for the camera, and from some angles you can just barely make it out. I also doubt this is a finished, retail phone.

  • Trevor Scarlett

    I will defo be getting the Nokia Sea Ray.

  • Ian Guider

    -”(I only talk about things I care about, I won’t flood the front page with meaningless stuff that will only serve the purpose of increasing my page-views and visits)”

    What makes this Tech News site my favorite.

    You heard anything about the Xbox side of things? I know the new GPU has to be intriguing new devs. Or am I gonna have to wait till Gamescom?

  • BucksterMcgee

    Oh, smart insight. Thank you!

    But, that could just be the proximity sensor and light sensor. I guess the hole might be big enough for all 3, still seems a little early to confirm either way.

  • Gast

    its down :(