KDDI to announce Fujitsu IS12T Mango phone on July 27th

Japanese Carrier KDDI is apparently going to hold a presentation on July 27th to officially unveil the Fujitsu IS12T Mango device in Japan. Announcement doesn’t necessarily mean launch so don’t get your hopes up but given that the Nokia Sea Ray final hardware seems to also be ready and Mango is closing on its final development days it’s safe to assume that other OEMs will also start to unveil the upcoming Windows Phone 7 handset in the coming weeks.

source: Twitter via Gigazine thanks XL_7 for the tip

  • Ccmd_232

    I think Mango will never be officailly released until Nokia finilizes it’s hardware, even if other OEM’s are ready as well and even Mango it RTM also.

  • Soosan

    It does coincide perfectly with MS Japan releasing Mango information: as WPcentral reported.