Huge storage memory speed improvements in Windows Phone Mango

According to the WP BENCH benchmark application the Mango Beta 2 features some really nice improvements in storage memory read/write speed. As you can see in the picture above my Samsung Omnia 7 reached 13.07MB/s in Storage Memory speed with the Mango Beta 2 compared to 3.82 MB/s on NoDo. As with all synthetic benchmarks it’s always advised to take the results with a pinch of salt (especially when you take into account that the app wasn’t developed for Mango). I also ran the bench again with a bigger test file (2mb) which you can see in the picture after the break:

So if you have Mango Beta on your device don’t hesitate to run the bench on it and report back in the comments below.

  • Ahmed Salem

    FTW Windows Phone.

  • Pete Bennett

    If the Mango API has different parameters for those system calls, then you’re going to get wildly different results and as you say, you’re deep in “pinch of salt” territory.

    Since you’ve not reported any significant “real world” speed improvements, then I’d assume that WP Bench is producing invalid results.