Fujitsu Mango device to name IS12T or TSI12

According to a report in the Nikkei Japanese journal, the Fujistu Windows Phone 7 Mango device we saw a few days ago is to be named the Fujitsu IS12T (TSI12 based on the FCC and Bluetooth SIG certification) and is expected to be ready to launch as early as August on the KDDI carrier. But don’t get your hopes hope; Mango still hasn’t hit RTM (officially that is… I wouldn’t rule out the possibility that it’s has already hit this milestone) and it usually takes more than a month for OEMs get it locked and loaded on their handsets (and for carriers to certify the build).

As I was told by Microsoft during the Mango VIP event in May, OEMs will start launching their Mango devices as soon as they are ready so we can expect devices from certain manufacturers to be released before others but August is IMO a bit too soon. Microsoft has officially stated during WPC11 this week that the new Mango handsets will be available for this holiday season (I betting on October November).

source: Nikkei, FCC, Bluetooth SIG via Nanapho thanks for the heads up XL_7