New Android Market application: Hands on video and comparison with the Windows Phone 7 Mango marketplace

Google has launched the newest version of the Android Marketplace application yesterday which is going to be rolled out to all Android 2.2 + phones in the coming weeks. If you can’t wait that long the you hit this link and grab the APK that you will then manually install on you device. As you will see the UI has be heavily revamped compared to the previous version but contrary to what some people are saying I don’t find it really Metro inspired beside the main screen which looks closer to the Mosaic By Tribune app more than anything else. (see picture after the break).

Anyway, the new marketplace will also allow US users to download e-books and rent videos (the Google Videos app is needed). Users now also have the choice to opt-out of interest based admob ads in applications. Check out the video of the app running on the HTC Sensation and a quick comparison of the Mango Market on the Omnia 7:

  • Jin

    People make the comparison simply because its chromeless, uses tiles and the pivot controls, all of which are at the heart of the philosophy behind Metro UI. There is no doubt that this along with other new google offerings are inspired by Metro UI.

  • Anonymous

    The WP7 device is so much smoother when shown side by side with the Android device.

  • Jim

    What I find interesting is how much better the existing WP7 looks when compared to this “new and improved” Android Marketplace app.

  • Anonymous

    Sorry, but you are an idiot! (and I say that with no rancour :-) ). Anyone making a comparision can see that its not an identical copy! But surely as a ‘tech blogger’ you can see that it is thematically similar to WP7! And this is inspite of you showing the ‘Mango’ marketplace, rather than its NoDo predecessor!
    Kudos on Google for using a workable theme, but do give credit, where credit is due!

  • thenonhacker

    Google is so obviously inspired by Microsoft’s Metro UI Design Language and Principles, beyond reasonable doubt!

  • Anonymous

    Let’s see large and small colored tiles with information and pics within them separated by a black lining doesn’t look like the WP7 metro theme? LOL!!!!

  • ahumeniy

    Obviously Google cannot just make a Metro Rip-off because MS would sue them, so they made a few modifications here and there, but it still looks metro inspired.

  • Jordan

    next tiime you make an english video, choose someone with an english accent so i can understand whats being made, or someone who doest speak at 10 words/sec