Nokia preparing multi-million dollars ad campaign for Windows Phone launch in October

Looks like Nokia is gearing up for the fall launch of its first Windows Phone handsets the recently leaked Nokia Sea Ray. According to sources in the UK the company is plotting a £80M 6 months global advertising campaign to reposition its brand. The Finnish company is working with several agency on it but won’t comment on it:

‘We are excited about the Nokia with Windows phone, but it’s not our policy to comment on specific campaigns for unannounced products.’

If Microsoft can’t correctly market WP7 then maybe Nokia will finally do it right… The ad campaign will most probably launch on October 26 in time for the Nokia World event.

source: Marketing Magazine thanks for the heads op Mike_T

  • JP

    Nice … WP7 does need help with awareness. The hard part for me will be deciding which oem to go with …. 4.3′ ….

  • Guest

    Better be very good phones or else…

  • Anonymous

    What happend to the $500m MSFT wanted to spend on Marketing? Where did that go?

  • Eric95c

    No idea… I guess they spent it all other the world when Nokia will maybe mainly focus it in Europe

  • Pacific

    Campaign for awareness would be great, BUT why even bother?   Even IF the  ads is effective.  But when the buyers go to the store to buy Windows Phone 7, only to be persuaded by the salesperson to buy iphone or android.