New Samsung SGH-i937 , Acer, Fujitsu and ZTE Mango phones unveiled

Microsoft just showed during the Day 2 Keynote of WPC in LA, several of the new Mango devices that are expected to land this fall at your favorite retailer and carrier. The first one is the Samsung SGH-i937 which I first talked about back in May and sports a 4.3″ Super AMOLED Plus display similar to the Samsung Galaxy S II (overall design looks closer to the original Galaxy S though).People calling this the WP7 version of the Galaxy S II should check their facts. This Mango device (like the Omnia 7/Focus compared to the original Galaxy S) won’t have the same SoC at all. The SGH-i917 does seem to have a front facing camera too and will most probably be powered by an MSM8255 SoC clocked at 1.4Ghz like the Samsung Galaxy S Plus. Acer, Fujistu and ZTE’s first Windows Phones were also unveiled for the first time.

The Fujitsu one (the pink phone above) is also waterproof….

The ZTE phone:

You can watch the whole keynote at the source link elow (WP7 talk start at 1:50 and phonesat 2:19)
source: Microsoft

  • Anonymous

    I like it. Hoping they will have a European version with metal chasis :)

  • MobileTechWorld

    Yeah hopefully EU will get the same treatment as we did with the Omnia 7.

  • Mr Z

    It’s highly likely that we will see a European version as a samsung insider has leaked the codes of upcoming Samsung devices onto, and one of the codes is GT-I8710. And since you have an Omnia 7, it’s obvious you know the Omnia 7 is I8700.

  • MobileTechWorld

    Hi Z,

    Can’t find the i8710 code thing. Where is it?

  • Mr Z

    Also adding to my last post. Someone said Samsung are going to release 4 WP7 handsets this year. We’ve just seen the i937 revealed yesterday, we know Samsung are working on a GT-I8350 (probably a low end device, as you suspect) and the GT-I8710 (rumoured to be the Omnia 8). However, if rumours are correct about 4 new devices this year we should see another device debut this year. This of course not accounting for the rumoured GT-I8703, which some say is the CDMA variant of the Omina 7.

    However, I have a sneeky suspicion that because of the worlwide success of the Galaxy S II and how closely the i937 resembles it, I have a feeling that Samsung will release only the i937 to the North American market as a successor to the Focus, while over here in Europe we will get both the i937 and the I8710.

    They say that Europe is ahead in terms of mobile technology than America. Not sure if that is true because here in the UK they are going to test LTE based technology for a few months starting early 2012, while in America…
    Anyway, point is Samsung and other manufacturers definately make more money from European sales than North American sales. No wonder why gadgets get released here before America. Example, the Galasy S II was released here on April 1st, and read reports that it was only released in America in June or something. It is no wonder Samsung concentrate more on offering us better devices, example Omnia 7 vs Focus.

    So, in order to maximise profits, there is a very BIG chance that Samsung will release BOTH the GT-I8710 and the SGH-i937 into the European market.

    Infact, I’m so almost certain, that I would probably consider putting my money on it…..

  • Mr Z

    That makes no sense since the Focus IS already the Omnia 7 in a Focus body, and it’s the i917.

    And which spare parts are you talking about? Could you provide a link?

  • Guest

    The Samsung Phone looks like the one from the Microsoft Mango ad on youtube.

  • Jin

    I would be very surpised if they managed to produce a phone that thin on anything other than the same or at least very similar SoC to the SGSII.