Another Samsung Windows Phone Mango device in the works: the GT-i8350

Samsung is apparently prepping another Windows Phone 7 device for this fall’s Mango launch but this time this one looks to be a lowered-end model based on its number: GT-i8350. As you already know the Omnia 7 is the GT-i8700 and based on Samsung naming convention the more powerful the hardware gets, the higher its model number is. Galaxy S = i9000, Galaxy S II = i9100 etc.. It’s highly probable that  the GT-i8350 will be using Qualcomm’s MSM7230 SoC like the rumored HTC Ignite and Prime.

Samsung is also working on a higher-end “Hero” device which will replace the Omnia 7 and Samsung Focus (it will be the SGH-i937 in the US).

source: Samsung, Samsung via nanopho, WMPU

  • JP

    According to your logic, does this mean the SGH-i937 will be more powerful than S II or far less since its in the hundreds …

  • Mr Z

    I personally can’t wait to see what the I8710 will look like. I definately hope its more than a variant of the Omnia 7, as it only has a ’10′ added at the end. But on the other hand, this extra ’10′, much like the extra ’10′ from i917 Focus to i927 GS2, packs a bigger and better screen, faster processor and bigger memory.

    So hopefully the I8710 with the added ’10′ at the end will be a variant of the newly announced SGH i937, but will be for the European markets and a successor to the Omnia 7.

  • Mr Z

    Just did a bit of digging around and have found out that Samsung released a GT-I8320 device last year, named the 360 H1, which runs on some sort of android or something, amd they have two other models: namely a GT-I8330 and a GT-I8350, which I wouldn’t be at all surprised if none of these models ran infact the WP7.

    So from these logics, the I8350 may not even be a low end WP7 device. Actually it’s highly likely that the GT-I8350 wont even be a WP7 altogether.

    Sorry MobileTechWorld :(