HTC Sensation camera samples: Photos and 1080P video

Now that I’m done with the HTC Flyer review it’s time to take a closer look at HTC’s top-end smartphone, the HTC Sensation. The Taiwanese smartphone manufacture isn’t known for having good quality camera lens and sensors on its devices but thing are getting better lately especially with the Sensation. It is good enough though? Well not yet. As you will see in the pictures and video below the new 8 MPix sensor used buy HTC doesn’t reproduce naturals colors in most of the outdoor shots compared to Samsung’s Omnia 7 camera. There’s purple tint to them (something that HTC users have been experiencing for a while now) and the brightness is abnormally low.

Resized pictures and video after the break:

The same color and brightness issues are present when capturing Full HD videos but fortunately thanks to the Qualcomm MSM8260 SoC there’s no framerate issues at all and the compression seems relativelly good (H264 1080P @ 30fps bitrate of 10000Kb/s and stereo 44100Hz stereo 96Kbps). The resolution is so high now that using the digital zoom while capturing video isn’t that bad anymore. Like most digital camre there’s some heavy Rolling Shutter Artifacts when moving the camera quickly.

More samples in my upcoming HTC Sensation review. If you have any question hit me up in the comments below.

  • PHP

    HTC is making waves in India already.HTC Thunderbolt has eclipsed the popularity of Samsung Wave and Galaxy Phones by far.

  • Tarita k

    Great!!! the phone captures really good images……