Not so breaking news: Samsung working on upcoming high-end Windows Phone, the SGH-i937

Breaking news: Samsung is working on a new high end Windows Phone! After all I already talk / hint at this particular device back in May in my Windows Phone Mango preview and here right? …Well, apparently nobody paid attention or cared…. Anyway, the device will be the SGH-i937 in the US (the Focus is the i917 and the Galaxy S II is the i927) will feature a Super AMOLED Plus panel like the Galaxy S II (similar to how the Focus and Omnia 7 featured the same Super AMOLED panel as the Galaxy S) and is AT&T bound.

So what’s new here? Well nothing other than the device’s model number. Enjoy your 4th of July!

source: Bluetooth SIG Google Cache via wmpu

  • Anonymous

    Have you ever noticed how many articles you have saying something is not news?

  • MobileTechWorld

    Crazy, right? :D
    But then again it’s up to the readers to make up their own opinion..