New official Foursquare and Vevo applications released

The official Foursquare application for Windows Phone 7 is now back in the Marketplace after a major update. The UI is now totally brand new and one of the best on any Windows Phone 7 application out now. Most of Foursquare services and features are now supported in this V2.0 version and did I tell you that UI was awesome? Just download it from here.

The official VEVO music video streaming application is now also available on Windows Phone 7 (US only AFAIK). If you are a big fan of music video then this application is a must have. The video quality is surprisingly really good (but this may have something to with my device running Mango though..).

The only annoying thing is the ugly background (oh and the state of today’s music / artist quality..but that’s a whole other matter…). If you are in the US then get this application here because it’s definitely a must have (pay attention to you connection type though cause it will nuke your monthly data cap)/