Windows Phone 7 Mango Beta under NDA for developers

If you’ve already received your invite for the Mango beta dev update then you most probably know what I’m referring to:

8. Confidentiality: By participating in this program, the developer agrees to not publish any content, screenshots or comments in any media in advance of the official launch of Windows Phone ‘Mango’.

Sounds nice right? I’m all for NDAs but Microsoft will have to tell me why the US press (who received the same bits) was allowed to talk about it , post pictures , videos (even I did back in May in my preview after VIP event) but we are not? Seriously I’m not going to restore my device every time I want to shoot an application review or hands-on like a did this morning with Angry Birds, etc… Does this also mean that I4m no longer allowed to talk about report about anything Mango related now? And just in case you missed the first time here’s the second confidentiality sentence this time from the PDF (which indicates that it’s not a copy/paste EULA job):

By participating in this pre-release program, you agree not to share information (in any format) about the ‘Mango’ release with third parties. This includes apps, screenshots, ROMs, and binary dumps. Furthermore, you also agree to not share the applications used to update your retail device to the ‘Mango’ Beta 2 build.

Anyway, I know that Mary Jo Foley has contacted Microsoft about this to try to figure out what’s up so stay tuned for more info.

  • Sheeds

    More info here:
    This was what was brought to Mary J F’s attention earlier today.

  • Grumpy666uk

    A bit off-topic….but plz tell me the 720p capture is smoother with Mango :)

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