HTC Eternity flagship Windows Phone info leaked?

File this under the un-confirmed salty rumor category..What you see up here is supposedly HTC’s upcoming flagship Windows Phone running Mango and launching this fall and called the HTC Eternity. It is claimed to have an MSM8255 SoC with the CPU clocked at 1.5Ghz (like the HTC Flyer tablet), 16GB of storage, 8MP camera, 1.3 Front facing camera, DNLA support and last be not least a 4.7″ Super LCD WVGA screen. If true, then this thing is simply to big IMO.

We already know that HTC is also working on 2 other MSM7230 powered Mango devices; the HTC Prime and HTC Ignite.

source: HTCInside via unwired

  • Anonymous

    Neat, an HTC phone that looks like every other HTC phone. “Except this one’s big to the point where it starts to lose usefulness!”

  • Gambit

    Could be interesting if they would also increase the screen resolution, but I guess that won’t happen…

  • Anonymous

    I assume this is 4G, right?  I’m currently a T-Mo customer and I’ve heard rumors that ATT will kill all 3G service after the merger in hopes of maximizing their 4G network.  While I love my HD7, I’d only trade it in for a faster phone that would be sure to work with whatever configuration ATT/T-Mo is planning for their merged networks.