Windows Phone 7 Mango requires hardware buttons

Another day in the blogosphere. Our beloved Russian blogger is now claiming after seeing the month old Nokia Sea Ray prototype picture, that Windows Phone 7 Mango devices aren’t required to have hardware buttons. As it’s usually the case with this dude’s tweet they are re-posted all over the place by other blogs (I even got tipped for it earlier today).

So here’s what we know: The reason why the Sea Ray prototype doesn’t have hardware buttons is because it’s using the Nokia N9 chassis which doesn’t have buttons and sports a 854×480 screen The bottom 54 pixels are used for on-screen buttons leaving 800×480 pixels to render the OS. Now unless every OEMs wants to use a 854×480 screen how is this going to be possible and why the hell would this be done anyway given that according to Microsoft themselves Mango devices are required to have hardware buttons as seen in the latest chassis guidelines released during the MIX11 conference ? Then again, we’ve seen stranger things lately…

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