Foodspotting application for Windows Phone 7 launched

Another nice looking and well developed application has been launched today on Windows Phone 7 called Foodspotting (there already an iOS and Android version available). The service allows you to take pictures of food, geolocate and upload them to the cloud so that other people using the service can check them out and maybe decide to go to this particular restaurant. It’s a bit like Yelp but with a more food centric approach.

The application developed by Identymine (who also developed the official Twitter app and IMDB) works like a charm and perfectly fits into the Os Metro UI and UX. The only issue I have with it is that the location based search works better on Android than on WP7. For example right now the WP7 app only shows 2 results for my current location while the Android app more than 20.

source:Foodspotting, Marketplace