First Nokia Windows Phone 7 handset spotted! Looks identical to the N9 codenamed Sea Ray

A few pictures apparently extracted from an amateur video showing Nokia’s Stephen Elop introducing the company’s first Windows Phone 7 handset are making the rounds this morning. As you can see the device looks identical to the recently announced Nokia N9 which runs Harmattan aka Maemo 6 (not Meego..) but it has a hardware camera button which is not present on the N9 (but is present in some of the official N9 video talking about the device’s prototyping and design). The device also has a different camera flash placement on the back.

The whole thing seems like a big fake at first (remember this) but there’s also a big chance that this could turn out to be true and could very well be the rumored Nokia W7. So grab some salt.More pictures after the break:

UPDATE: It’s real! Video of the device codenamed Sea Ray /SeaRay after the break (the video is obviously a internal video shot by Nokia themselves for its employees):

The device has a gorilla glass, 8 MPix camera with Carl Zeiss optics

Video will show up here just give it a few seconds to load:

Shorter teaser:

Nokia N9 early design with camera button:

via: via My Nokia Blog

  • Guest

    Just conveniently a couple of days after the N9 announcement… I smell BS, why would it have identical design to the N9?

  • Soosan

    Doubt it. The 3 front end buttons have too convinientle been left off.

  • MobileTechWorld

    Like I said: It’s highly probable that it’s fake but everything also possible. We definitely need to see the full video…On thing’s for sure though: It’s not a regular (final version) of the Nokia N9 because of the hardware camera button.

  • Anonymous

    Nokia N8 has a camera button and a lock/unlock on the right side, if I remember correctly. And it has the same shape. The first two Nokia WP7 devices were rumored to be remade X7 and N8, so this does look a lot like the latter. 

  • Anonymous

    Actually no, I’m wrong, N8 has those angled corners, so this is not it. 


  • Anonymous

    Finnish people looks like russian talking english. You think this is a QSD8250? And I see no extras in this Nokia WP7 like they said it would have.

  • MobileTechWorld

    Most probably the MSM8255.

  • Soosan

    Boy.. i guess I was wrong.
    But I still didn’t see the base. I am wondering if it will have the 3 buttons or not. You only see buttons in the second presentation, but that looks like the emulator.

  • Republican 2012

    I hope it will be dual core and also have front face camera.