HTML5 performance: iOS5 vs Mango

Don’t you love meaningless comparisons? So the buzz earlier today was that, Oh My God, Apple has improved HTML5 rendering in Safari in iOS5 Beta apparently making it faster than the Windows Phone 7 Mango Beta (notice “Beta” word?). Amazing, right ? Who would have thought that Apple would improve it’s product ? (/sarcasm) Well, The Next Web decided to actually do some testing with a Samsung Focus pre-loaded with Mango (thanks again Microsoft) running the Seed reading test of the IE9 Mobile Test Drive site and found out that…it’s not entirely true…

The answer is no. After running the test roughly 30 times, I’ve seen IE Mobile 9 run no slower than 25, and as high as 45 frames per second. We ran the iOS 5 test here at TNW several more times, and never managed to have a final score over 32. Now, if 31 or 32 beating 25 was news, certainly the fact that IE Mobile 9 can perform at over 40 is news as well.

So the score fluctuated depending on the number of services and apps running in the background. So what did we learn today ? Not much. Especially when you keep in mind that we are comparing to Beta products running on vastly different hardware (the iPhone 4 is vastly more powerful than any of the current Windows Phone 7 handsets). Linkbait stories for the win…or not.

via: TNW

  • Alex Gorevski

    <3 I knew I wasn't crazy when I confronted Tom about his article.

  • BucksterMcgee

    “…the iPhone 4 is vastly more powerful than any of the current Windows Phone 7 handsets.”

    This is the most important part by far. The Adreno 200 gpu in the current Windows Phones is at least half (or less) as powerful as the PowerVR GSX535 gpu in the iPhone 4. Is some benchmarks I’ve seen the GSX535 is actually 4-5 times more powerful then the Adreno 200.

    4-5 time mores powerful and Windows Phone still beats it. Wow.

  • Tom W

    My article was simply to state that iOS 5 now outperforms what Microsoft demonstrated (on the Trophy using Mango). I even included a video to demonstrate this. TNW found that it runs better on the Samsung Focus which is interesting as I found that two WP7 devices with mango (HTC Trophy and ASUS E600)both performed worse than the iPhone 4 with iOS 5 beta.

  • Guest

    To make a very fair comparison between the hardware, make sure you consider that the iPhone has a slightly higher resolution (and hence requires more powerful resolution).

  • KingPin

    You are comparing  a generation I device running generation II software (focus running mango) with a phone tailor-made for ios5.
    After all this, wp7.5 beats ios5. Its because wp7.5 is optimised for the user. It does the things we do on a daily basis, faster than other platforms.