AP Mobile for Windows Phone 7 finally updated

Normally this shouldn’t be newsworthy but holly hell somebody will have to tell me why it took so long! The AP Mobile application for Windows Phone 7 which has been broken since the platform’s launch back in October 2011 has finally been fixed nearly 8 months later. The main issue was that it never updated the news stories on the front page (one had to navigate to category then back to the homepage to trigger the news update) and this also could lead to the impossibility to launch the app if news items on the homepage where relatively old (it would crash). So, there you have it, it’s now fully functional. Get it here.

  • Tw

    well i tried to run it, but i can’t even get the “first steps” to complete. i won’t find my location (munich, germany), neither by gps, nor by postal code. it doesn’t seem to have a method to bypass these “first steps”. i.o.w.: doesn’t work at all over here…

  • http://www.mobiletechworld.com MobileTechWorld

    yes this is annoying but you should still be able to run it on the second run (it won’t ask your to setup your location)