Microsoft set to release Windows Phone 7 Mango Beta rom to developers tomorrow?

According whispers making the rounds in the past few days; Microsoft set to release Windows Phone 7 Mango Beta bits to MSDN / Registered Windows Phone 7 developers in the coming hours. The bits will be available for download and flashable on any unlocked Windows Phone 7 devices. Microsoft representative’s hinted at this possibility a few weeks ago but never officially confirmed that this would be done. Instead the company announced via Twitter that Mango developer devices will be sent to select developer this week.

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Update: Just received a tip telling that it’s indeed true…
Update 2: Mary Jo Foley is also confirming this.

Update 3: Brandon Watson just denied this week released of the Beta bits:

winrumors and neowin are not correct.Press reviews of consumer features are only thing happening this week.

The tip I got didn’t mention any date, just that Microsoft was going to release Mango to registered developers ,so if it’s not this week it may be later or never…let’s wait for the official word.

UPDATE 4: It’s still coming according to Microsoft:

Folks – devices and 7.0 device updates are different things. Don’t think of this as an either/or.

The key here is that a ‘Mango’ device is a device with hardware that is new to ‘Mango’ (e.g., gyro or GPU). The post that we put up on App Hub unfortunately focused on the hardware portion of this issue (getting ‘Mango’ out to devs), and didn’t also discuss the software update portion. But because current devices can/will update to ‘Mango’, this helps mitigate getting a massive number of [expensive] phones out to all devs interested in targeting ‘Mango’, and – instead – focus on getting hardware out to those targeting new hardware capabilities.

I think you’ll all be happy with what we have coming; it’s coming, grasshoppers, I promise. We’re as anxious to get this out to you as you are to receive it – it just requires quite a bit of groundwork so that your personal devices stay as safe as possible.

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  • Anonymous

    How reliable is this tip?

  • MobileTechWorld

    Pretty good..
    Mary Jo Foley’s sources are also confirming this story.. Everything is pointing out that it’s indeed true. But obviously we won’t know for sure until it’s officially announced by Ms.

  • Anonymous

    pretty exciting news…

  • Ef Jay

    According to Brandon Watson, its not happening:!/BrandonWatson/status/83158862823297025

  • MobileTechWorld

    Yup I’ve already updated the post with Watson’s tweet. It’s not happening this week..