IM+ for Windows Phone 7 is now available for $9.99

Now that’s a price I wasn’t expecting! IM+ for Windows Phone 7 has be certified and is now available for purchase on the Marketplace. Unfortunately, besides the relatively high price, there’s no trial mode so you either take the plunge or forget about it. Anyway, if you have a developer unlocked device you can still use the Promo version that you can see in my video here. The retail version can be downloaded here.

If you are a Windows Live Messenger user you aren’t missing anything given that the application doesn’t support it (but it does support Facebook Chat, Google Talk, Jabber, ICQ, MySpace, Skype, Yahoo and AOL).

source: Marketplace via WPcentral

  • Erno

    To be fair, that’s about the same price on other phone platforms as well, except for WebOs which is $4.99 & Blackberry that is $39.95!!

  • MobileTechWorld

    Yes I guess given all the services supported $9.99 isn’t a rip off but they should really provide a trial version IMO.