IM+ for Windows Phone 7 preview

I’ve decided to try out the preview version of IM+ for Windows Phone 7 and frankly I’m impressed by the quality of the application. As previously announced the instant messaging application has been submit to the Marketplace and is awaiting certification. What has also been unveiled is that it will unfortunately not include support for Windows Live Messenger (per Microsoft’s request) but you can obviously still use it with the following services: Facebook Chat, Google Talk, Jabber, ICQ, MySpace, Skype, Yahoo and AOL. Most importantly the application just works (yes even the push notifications). I’ve shot a video of the preview version of the application in action on my Omnia 7 so hit the break to watch it:

Windows Live Messenger and Facebook Chat will be natively integrated into Windows Phone 7 Mango later this year but if you use any of the other servicessupported by IM+ then this application is a must have. The preview version can be found here and only installed on the developer unlocked device.

  • WixosTrix

    I’m sure Microsoft wanted them to pull support for Windows Live Messenger because they didn’t want people getting used to using the app.    They don’t want to stop the development but they can choose to not let their service be available.  While I somewhat understand their action, it isn’t much different from what Google is doing to them regarding their being no official YouTube app on WP7.