Nokia applying Apple style secrecy to its Windows Phone device development

Still wondering how the first Nokia windows Phone handset looks like ? Well you are not the only and we probably won’t see until it’s officially announced later this year. According to Nokia, the company is now applying Apple style secrecy to its Windows Phone hardware development. A company representative speaking to Slashgear added “If we can build the same hype around our first Windows Phone as Apple does about iPhone…”. The Finnish mobile giant is really hoping that it’s first Windows Phone will make a big splash once it’s finally released in time for the holidays.

As reported earlier, this handset will most probably not be available in volumes but what will really count is the marketing surrounding it. Microsoft and it’s OEM partners will have to join forces in a huge marketing campaign once Mango finally launches unlike the lackluster mess that was last year’s Windows Phone 7 launch.

source: Slashgear