Microsoft Mobile Communications Business renamed to Windows Phone Division

No earth shattering news here but Mary Jo Foley noticed today that Microsoft’s Mobile Communications Business which is headed by Andy Less has now apparently been renamed to Windows Phone Division.This, in my opinion, confirms the importance of the Windows Phone platform in Redmond and frankly this was long overdue. Windows Phone 7 and the upcoming Windows 8 (and its ARM version) clearly show us that Microsoft has finally realized that going mobile is the future.

The desktop PC market isn’t going to suddenly disappear overnight but the transition to an always on, always on the go mobile world is now well underway and the software juggernaut has no time to waste anymore. Microsoft and Google are well positioned to be the two major players in this particular segment thanks to their extensive portfolio of cloud based services. But Microsoft is currently the company that can has richest business and consumer ecosystem. The software giant is simply everywhere: Gaming console, IPTV, Research, search, advertising, mapping, mobile OS, desktop Os, cloud platform, development tools etc etc.. But this doesn’t mean anything if the company can’t execute on time and understand the future marketing and consumer trends which is something that Apple has mastered a long time ago. Anyway, enough rambling, let’s enjoy the competition.

source: Microsoft via All About Microsoft