First Nokia Windows Phone to have limited launch in Europe

If you’ve been reading this site then you should be surprised by today’s news that the first Nokia Windows Phone 7 handset will only be available in limited quantity and only launch in 7 countries in Europe (and the US) at the end of this year. I’ve already discussed this last month but oddly enough nobody picked it up. Anyway, according to Victor Saeijs, VP of Nokia Europe the company’s first Windows Phone will launch this year only in France, Spain, England, Italy, Germany, Netherlands (and most probably Russia and Finland).

Once again, people shouldn’t expect Nokia to miraculously strike the Windows Phone 7 like storm with tons of handsets in such a short period of time. Don’t forget that all the other OEMs are also going to ship new Mango handsets this fall powered by the new chassis and if you are a Super AMOLED fan then you can most probably expect a pretty nice Super AMOLED Plus WP7 device under your Christmas tree.

source: All about phones thanks for the heads up Jalopy

  • JP

    I want Nokia to launch Big! 
    For one, i want them to strike fear into the other OEM’s who’ve so far put disappointing handsets into the hands of consumers.I am still using my HD2 with a WP7 Rom on it, just becasue i thought HTC was being lazy and cheap with the HD7, i am a sucker for 4. … inch screens so i am expecting a phone within that range ….Bring it on OEM’s who ever comes with the most band gets my money period! I have no loyalty …

    Le Chiffre

  • Ef Jay

    I expect htc and the rest to continue to do the bare minimum for WP7 as before, they have not indicated that WP7 is anything other than a side job for them as they focus on android. Htc has gone as far as saying over 70% of their devices will be android, . WP7 will continue to be a poor second to them.

  • Nataku4ca

    That is indeed very annoying about these companies, i hope they cry when mango decides to hit them hard and Nokia retakes most of the market share =.=

    but then again, i really hope they do actually try a little harder this time around so I can actually get a phone that works on Bell that I’m actually going to like (hey don’t bite me, HD7 is good, but it just looks too squarish to me and the LG phone is too thick)

  • Anonymous

    I hope Nokia will bring us the WOW factor to WP7!
    I hope Nokia will do well, and bring their company back to the leader of all phones again. I also hope that other OEM to go F themselves, as many have stated that they will not buy their cheap left over crap parts.

    Nokia, please don’t let us down,