HTC Flyer Camera samples

The HTC Flyer has unfortunately one major hardware flaw: it’s totally crappy 5Mp camera on the back. I’ve been using the Flyer for nearly a week now and I simply can’t snap a good look picture or shoot a viewable video with the device. At first I thought that my review sample had a busted lens or sensor but unfortunately that’s not the case; the main camera is just crap. Pictures are muddy with no detail , same for the videos.

The most ridiculous part of all of this is that the front facing 1.3Mp camera seems to have a better lens and shoot better quality videos (but a a slightly lower framerate) and has better color reproduction. Check out the samples after the break:

HTC Flyer on the Left Samsung Omnia 7 on the right

Main 5MP Camera compared to the Front facing 1.3MP camera (HD video is still processing on YouTube):

HTC Flyer vs Samsung Omnia 7:

Fear not though: everything else about the HTC Flyer hardware is top notch. The main camera is unfortunately the most disappointing piece of the product. I’ll talk more about it in my upcoming review.