Microsoft finally serious about Windows Phone 7 Marketing, plus major OS releases once a year

I think that everybody’s well aware that Windows Phone 7 devices aren’t selling out like hot cakes and most of the blame has been put on the relatively non-existent marketing effort compared to competing platforms in the US but also in non-English speaking countries. I just came across a new job ad today for a Marketing Manager, Senior Partner for Windows Phone which has a really interesting description.

The Company is seeking somebody to help push the Windows Phone 7 marketing effort by developing and executing their global co-marketing strategy with top app publishers:

Develop and ensure successful execution of global co-marketing strategy and plan for top app publishers to support the sourcing of top apps, including the creation of a scalable, win-win marketing framework between Microsoft and key app publishers.
Create custom app marketing programs for OEMs and mobile operators to help sell phones by defining unique apps and/or “bundles.” Work with Partner/Sales team and app publishers to develop mutually beneficial promotions and marketing programs.
Develop and execute integrated marketing plans with strategic app publishers such as and Bank of America to promote Windows Phone with their “showcase” applications to their customer bases. Ensure Windows Phone apps are part of the consideration set, integrate Windows Phone into publisher marketing campaigns, create special promos to drive demand.
Define Microsoft marketing commitments and publisher marketing requirements for Joint Marketing Agreement, in partnership with Business Development and App Marketing GTM Lead. Ensure on-time, quality delivery, tracking and reporting.
Develop marketing program and tools to enable app publishers to effectively market Windows Phone and their apps, including “logo program” and key Windows Phone marketing communications materials (ad banners, press release kit, etc.), in partnership with the Outbound Marketing and Communications teams. Work with Product Management to launch affiliate program and marketing guidance/kit to publishers.
Create global program and resources to enable the worldwide field to develop and execute local programs.
Align app marketing with merchandising to provide holistic approach for app publishers.

Sounds good, especially for developers.

Another relatively interesting piece of news (well, it’s more of a “confirmation) I found is that Microsoft is planning to launch a new major version of Windows Phone only once a year with small updates in between. This could mean that Windows Phone 8 aka Apollo is on it’s way to launch in Q4 / Fall 2012.

This Senior Program Manager position will be the CXE Feature PM that drives all development work on the Application Platform for update releases between major yearly releases. You will work closely with the Application Platform team who is working on major yearly releases and with the best technologies/teams across the company (e.g. Silverlight, XNA, .NET Compact Framework). We believe leveraging our partners, combined with building phone specific technologies within our own engineering team, results in leveraging the best technology from Microsoft for our developers.


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  • Anonymous

    I’m torn, once yearly updates sounds like a reasonable schedule assuming the size of the updates is sufficient however in a world were features reign supreme would it not be smarter to release little and often. In such a competitive market you could be leading one month and falling behind the next waiting for the next release cycle to distribute a feature that’s been finished for months by this time.

    On the one hand there’s a nice annual cycle for consumers and manufacturers to work around “waves” of new updates, on the other it risks trailling when a competitor releases the next killer feature just after your release.

  • Anonymous

    Can I expect these “small updates” to be bigger than pre-NoDo, NoDo, and IEM Security Update?

  • MobileTechWorld

    Smaller updates will probably equivalent to NoDo I think