Microsoft My Phone backup service to be discounted in October 2011

You all must have already gotten the email but if you didn’t here’s what Microsoft just announced:

On August 7, 2011, the My Phone service will stop saving content from phones to the My Phone service. If you rely on the My Phone service to back-up the content on your Windows Mobile 6.x phone, you will be affected.

Starting August 7 2011 all the My Phone content will be transferred to the user’s Skydrive and will be only accessible via the Skydrive web site. Finally on October 6 2011 the website will be shot down and users will no longer be able to log into the My Phone service and restore their saved content on their Windows Mobile 6.X device but Microsoft will still continue to store content until October 5 2012 (the company will ship physical copies of the content if requested by the user).

This shouldn’t come as a surprised given that Microsoft is now shifting most of its cloud backup services to Skydrive but one thing that isn’t know yet is if Windows Phone 7 users will finally be able to backup their SMS/MMS in the near future (Mango will allow optional uploading of pictures and videos to the Skydrive).

Microsoft has also announced that the Windows Marketplace for Mobile Web Site To Be Discontinued (WM6.X) on July 15 2011. It will be replaced by the Windows Phone online Marketplace once Mango is rolled out this fall.

  • Lukas Greb

    Does aynone know, how the sms´s will be saved in Skydrive?
    Maybe there we can see, how sms-backups will/could be implemented in Mango