Microsoft releases Android to Windows Phone API mapping tool for developers

Microsoft has just announced the Android to Windows Phone API mapping tool for Android developers who wish to leverage their coding skills and port their applications to Windows Phone 7. The company did something similar a few months ago with the release of the iPhone to Windows Phone API mapping tool and has now added Android 2.3 / Gingerbread in the mix.

We’ve added Android to the Windows Phone API mapping tool to help developers find their way around the Windows Phone platform. Think of the API mapping tool as being like a translation dictionary. For example, let’s say that you’re planning a vacation to France. Since you don’t speak the language, you’ll bring a pocket travel dictionary. Having this tool will surely help you get an idea about what you are ordering from a restaurant menu, but you’ll have no idea what the actual recipe is — nor will you be able to have a conversion in French with the server! But it’s a great learning tool to make the first steps.

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HTC Flyer hardware tour Video

I’ve just uploaded a hardware tour video of the HTC Flyer Android tablet showing you how the device physically looks like and the build quality (full specs here). The unibody aluminum chassis is reminiscent of the iPad but the Flyer is a lot smaller because of its 7″ screen. HTC really did a good job here in terms of build quality and I was pleasantly surprised by the screens viewing angles. The device, unlike all other Android tablets on the market has an active digitizer allow the use of a stylus thanks to the N-Trig G 3.5 chipset. The only major flaw is the proprietary micro-usb connector. Yes, HTC did it again but this time it’s even worst than before because you just can’t plug-in a regular micro-usb at all unlike past HTC devices where a normal mini-usb could still be used on the HTC ExtUSB connectors The connector is apparently HTC’s new proprietary ExtMicroUSB connector and it actually works with regular micro-usb cables. Oddly enough my old HTC HD2 cable wasn’t fitting but my Samsung ones correctly pug into it. Check out the 7 minutes long video after the break:

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Microsoft My Phone backup service to be discounted in October 2011

You all must have already gotten the email but if you didn’t here’s what Microsoft just announced:

On August 7, 2011, the My Phone service will stop saving content from phones to the My Phone service. If you rely on the My Phone service to back-up the content on your Windows Mobile 6.x phone, you will be affected.

Starting August 7 2011 all the My Phone content will be transferred to the user’s Skydrive and will be only accessible via the Skydrive web site. Finally on October 6 2011 the website will be shot down and users will no longer be able to log into the My Phone service and restore their saved content on their Windows Mobile 6.X device but Microsoft will still continue to store content until October 5 2012 (the company will ship physical copies of the content if requested by the user).

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