Bing Audio music search explained on video

Microsoft just posted a video of Brandon Watson interviewing Steve Cosman one of the developer of the Bing Audio music search service to be introduced in Windows Phone 7 Mango this fall. Both discuss how the service actually works (nothing really amazing here…it’s essentially the same thing as Shazam and SoundHound) and we learn that it can currently recognize around 10 Million tracks (the whole Zune catalog plus a few other tracks). Hit the break to watch the video:

Bing Audio will work in the following countries this fall: US, UK , France, Italy, Germany and Spain. It will most probably also be included in the iOS and Android application (like Bing Vision).

source: Channel9

  • Ef Jay

    No need for MS to add it to the iphone bing application, apple will copy it soon enough and call it their “innovation”!