Bing Audio music search explained on video

Microsoft just posted a video of Brandon Watson interviewing Steve Cosman one of the developer of the Bing Audio music search service to be introduced in Windows Phone 7 Mango this fall. Both discuss how the service actually works (nothing really amazing here…it’s essentially the same thing as Shazam and SoundHound) and we learn that it can currently recognize around 10 Million tracks (the whole Zune catalog plus a few other tracks). Hit the break to watch the video:

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HTC Flyer first impressions

HTC was kind enough to send me an HTC Flyer tablet today so I can try it out and give you all my impression about it given that I didn’t have a chance to go hands on with it during MWC11 in February.Most of the website content is about Windows Phone and Microsoft products but the one thing I hate the most is blogs/fansites who critique other products without even having any hands on user experience with devices. That’s why you see me post news and reviews of major Android devices and other Google related stuff every once in a while.

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geoDefense for Windows Phone 7 released

geoDefense; the famous futuristic tower defense game originally released on iOS has finally landed on Windows Phone 7 today as an Xbox Live enabled game. the Game is a faithful port of the original and thankfully doesn’t seem to suffer from any performance issues as far as I could see during my short play-through. The full version which includes 30 maps will cost you $2.99 (it’s $1.99 on the iPhone..) but you can already try 12 maps in the free trial version available here.

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Windows Phone 7 Mango voice activated search and other services to expand outside of the US and UK

Joe Belfiore confirmed the obvious yesterday on Twitter when asked about the expansion of some of the US/ UK only services in Windows Phone 7 Mango. As I showed you a little while ago, services like Local Scout can already work in many countries as long as search language is set to US but Microsoft will undoubtedly make it official in the months to come. Voice activated search will also finally be available in languages other than English now that it is supported on the Xbox 360 (WP7 uses the same Tellme cloud service so the launch new languages support on WP7 is tide to the Xbox). This was first rumored to be available this spring but things seem to have taken longer than planned.

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